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Country Rap

In this week's Smalls Last Call, I explore country inspired rap music.

What I love about genre-bending songs like "Old Town Road" is that they bring people together especially during times when people are constantly polarized by different issues.

While "Old Town Road" was not considered at first to be a country song by Billboard, the song like many Southern rap songs shared country themes. This playlist is curated with Southern rap songs that stretch the rap genre by including country instrumentation or themes. Songs like "Rosa Parks" embrace banjo sounds and a harmonica interlude. Many of the songs in this playlist have country themes like being one with nature by riding with the top down, riding on a horse or Cadillac, or references to being from the deep South. Like country music, these songs contain wishful, inspirational ideals while persevering through daily hardships. This theme of perseverance differentiates itself within modern rap, where themes can be boastful, flashy, and promote rich lifestyles.

- DJ Lillie Smalls

Hoodie by @4orthelocals
Photo by @jraffshoots

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